Choose the Right Entity for Your New Business! We’ll Show You How.

Whether you’re starting a new business (congrats!) or rethinking your current business structure as it grows, the implications for taxes, liability, and compliance can be overwhelming. Each business model presents benefits and drawbacks based on your unique goals. How do you find the business structure that’s the best fit for you?

Our tax experts will help you cut through the confusion and educate you on the following topics:

  • The various business entity model options including: sole proprietorship, general partnership, LLC, C Corp, and S Corp.
  • The complexities and costs associated with each model.
  • The pros and cons of each structure when it comes to raising capital, payroll, taxes, personal liability, compliance requirements, and growth.

We’ll also have a live Q&A to make sure you have all of your questions answered.

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We get it! When you’re setting up a new company, it’s easy to make simple mistakes that can turn out to be pretty costly later on. CRS CPA has been helping businesses just like yours across all types of industries for over 40 years. Our team of accounting, tax, payroll, and strategy experts has the experience to help you save time and money as you grow your business.

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